Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spaceflight 1C-1 1965 6 out of 10

Spaceflight 1C-1 1965  6 out of 10

Spaceflight 1C-1 is a low budget Sci Fi film out of England that follows the adventures of a deep space flight into the outer reaches to establish a new earth.  This short film i basically using the Sci-Fi setting  as a background for story about free will versus dictatorship and government control.  Nothing really exciting takes place on screen, it is mainly dialogue driven film.  The crew has been selected specifically for the mission.  Husband and wife teams that are only allowed to have kids when they gets orders to.  The crew wear name badges that say their job rather than their names.  One of the crew comes down with an illness and the crew wants to head back so that she can be cured.  The captain under orders refuses to head back --The Rule which gives him his orders doesn't want the new population to have disease in their DNA that will start the new earth.    When she is denied permission to have another child she ends up taking her life which starts a chain of events that leads to mutiny and the crew choosing free will over the government controlled life for their future.    Although the film played out like a TV episode of rather than a movie the underlying subject matter was worth the otherwise underwhelming nature of the film.


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