Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Troll 2 1990 4 out of 10 (I've seen worse)

Troll 2 is widely talked about as one of the worst movies ever...  I've seen several of the supposed worst movies of all-time and although Troll 2 is really bad---it isn't the worst movie ever...I think like with how good Citizen Kane is considered (very overated as a movie--although inspiring with its camera work)  this just didn't live up to that worst movie ever billing.   Plan 9 from Outer Space does.   Plan 9 is so bad that it is good.   I would put The Mummy Themepark up against this movie any day in the worst movie of all-time category.     Troll 2 is just bad enough to still be bad...Where as The Mummy Theme park is so bad that it is great.

So what does Troll 2 entail.   A bunch of Goblins from the town of  Nilbog  (that is Goblin backwards).  Turn people into vegetables so they can eat them.  The Goblin costumes are terrible.  I felt like they were trying to rip off the Peter Jackson New Zealand low budget classic Bad Taste to a certain degree and just got it wrong.  There is a great bad performance by Deborah Reed as the Goblin Queen (I think she read the script wrong and thinks she is part vampire).    So yes it is terrible---but I think it is overrated as far as  being one of the worst.

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