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Airplane Style Spoof Movie Countdown NEW! Senseless Banter Podcast:

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This is my countdown of Spoof movies that are in the Airplane genre....I'm not including films like Austen Powers  (which I love) or the Mel Brooks movies....I'm talking the specific Airplane Style spoofs which is kind of like its own genre....

1. Airplane   1980     10 out of 10
The best spoof movie of all time and one of the top comedies of all-time...they played around with the genre with The Kentucky Fried Movie and perfected it here with a cast of serious actors playing it seriously in a movie that is a totally spoof of the serious movies they used to be in.....It changed Leslie Nielsen's career forever...The standard by which all its predecessor's are judged against...

2. Naked Gun   1988  10 out of 10
The TV series  Police Squad was brilliant and ended way to soon...So happy when it found its way to the big screen for 3 films of which the first is best.   I take special pleasure watching it now and seeing the beating Norberg (OJ) now takes.

3. Not Another Teen Movie   2001   9 out of 10
Being a fan of the John Hughes film this flick really captures and does the Airplane style spoof genre proud in skewering the teen high school genre.  The character intros alone are totally classic.

4.  Naked Gun 33 1/3 The Final Insult    1994     8 out of 10
 The last of the Naked Gun series was back on track  ... Leslie Nielsen rocks
5.  Top Secret    1984    8 out of 10
      Strange Elvis movie parody that it is great.... Breaking into songs like Skit Surfing and all the  gags are right on target.

6.  Wrongfully Accused     1998  8 out of 10
    The non-Naked Gun  Leslie Nielsen Airplane type movies were not as good with the exception of this  Fugitive parody that was actually really funny.
7.   Kentucky Fried Movie      1977  7+ out of 10
    The testing ground before the perfection that was Airplane ...."Fist full of Yen" is an absolute gem

8.   Hot Shots       1991   7+   out of 10
      Charlie Sheen takes on Rambo and Top Gun in this great parody movie....


9.   Airplane The Sequel     1982   7 out of 10
     Not as good as the original since it retreads  a lot of the same jokes ...But Shatner was great as the Captain on the Moon station and the movie is still pretty funny.

10.  UHF     1989       7 out of 10
    I remember a movie review of this film by Rex Reed...."In a world with  Pee Wee Herman and Yahoo Serious  --who needs Al Yankovich.....He is not weird he is just stupid"    I couldn't agree less...This film was a lot of fun...Although it doesn't hold up as well years later it was classic when it came out.

and  The rest ....
Naked Gun      1991     2 1/2
Hot Shots  Part Deux      1993       6 out of 10
Loaded Weapon Part 1   1993    5 out of 10
Spy Hard     1996        6 out of 10
Scary Movie  2000     5 out of 10
Scary Movie 2  2001   5 out of 10
The Date Movie   2006   3 out of 10
Scary Movie 3   2003    4 out of 10
Scary Movie 4       2006      4  out of 10
The Comebacks     2007    6 out of 10
Repossessed     1990      4 out of 10
Meet The Spartans   2008    2 out of 10

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