Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beware of the mediocre Jabberwock 5 out of 10

Jabberwock 2011 

Beware of the Jabberwock and the momrats yada yada yada....This is just another CGI dragon attacking a small village movie.  Peasant vs Dragon = Low budget small cast  keep the production costs down so we can afford a CGI dragon.  It is the typical  Jabberwock kills a couple of people then they sit in barn and talk about it for awhile film...  It stars  Tahmoh Penikett  from   Battlestar Gallactica/ and Dollhouse.
The Jabberwock shows up again eats someone and they talk some more...Too much talking ...not enough battling the CGI dragon.    Then there is some dull wandering around in field and talking some more...followed by a not too bright let's climb the cliff and get attacked by the flying dragon while on the cliff scene and then talking about how that didn't work out to well.  Well  luckily they know how to build a giant rat cage to lure the Dragon (I mean Jabberwock) into it after one of its eggs...More fighting and more talking and then an anti-climatic finish...

The best line from the movie:
"What is your weapon of choice?"
"My wits"
"You are going to nee something sharper."

Here is the trailer.....Beware

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