Monday, September 19, 2011

Brad's top 10 movies for 1994

Here are my top 10 movies of 1994

10  Dumb and Dumber 1994 9 out of 10  
Jeff Daniels is brilliant is this flick....Matching Jim's level of stupidity.

9   Clear and Present Danger 1994 9 out of 10
Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan from the Tom Clancy novels....The third character franchise worthy that he played...

8 .   Mask 1994 9 out of 10
Jim Carrey is in his element in this movie . A human Cartoon fits him very well 

7    Maverick 1994 9 out of 10
Nearly perfect adaptation of the TV series that James Garner made famous

    6          Clerks 1994 9 out of 10
F---ing Classic...Best dialogue ever

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5  The Professional 1994 9 out of 10
Classic movie about a hired killer that final has something to care abo 

4      True Lies 1994 9 out of 10

Arnold was still a totally bad-ass in this great James Cameron flick that somehow found the right mix of action and comedy that many movies can not 

        3       Stargate 1994 9 out of 10

Kurt Russell rocks!.....I think I feel in love with the concept of the movie just as much as the movie itself.. It spawned 4 TV TV shows..... Looking back the movie itself should have been more epic than it was but it was still pretty cool 

    2            Speed 1994 Cheesy Keanu---
Crazy Dennis Hooper... Sandra Bullock's charm and out of control Bus = Fun...."Whoa" 

1     Nobody's Fool 1994 9 out of 10
Paul Newman at his best....A great character piece that just really worked for me. 
Trailer for Nobody's Fool

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