Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brad's Top Movies of 1993

Here is my top 10 list from  1993

10     Demolition Man 1993 8 out of 10
Delightfully cheesy action comedy....Stallone is well Stallone vs Wesley Snipes battling it out in a politically correct future.......Funny stuff

9    Tombstone 1993 8 out of 10

The best of the competing Wyatt Earp movies...The other one with Costner sucked....This one with every cool actor under the sun including Bill Paxon and Sam Elliott (who is literally in like every western ever) was kick ass

8      Cliffhanger 1993 8 out of 10

I've never had so much fun watching people fly off of cliffs to their death before 

7    Army of Darkness 1993 8 out of 10

Bruce Campbell Rocks......In this third corny version of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series......  Cult Classic
6    Groundhog's Day 1993 9 out of 10
Bill Murray at his best... and Andie MacDowall at her cutest..I love this high concept movie about being stuck in the same day over and over again.

5      Schindler's List 1993 9 out of 10

Amazing Black and White filmmaking from one of the all time greats ...Spielberg 
4      The Fugitive 1993 9 out of 10

Harrison Ford shines in this remake of an old TV show in his post Indy days....And Tommy Lee Jones is excellent as the guy trying to track him down....Exciting 

3  The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993 10 out of 10
The perfect holiday movie.....Tim Burton and Danny Elfman---get everything right in this masterpiece

2  Jurassic Park 1993 10 out of 10
Speilberg + Dinosaurs + near Perfection... I used to dislike Jeff Goldblum until this flick....Epic...Worthy of the book
 1    Dead Alive 1993 ---10 out of 10 Peter Jackson's low budget Horror masterpiece.... Taking horror comedy to the next level...This movie is the bloodiest movie ever.....2 words...Lawnmower Scene

Trailer for Dead Alive

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