Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Jackpot 1950 8 out of 10

The movie has a great tagline....

"He had a wife, two kids, a home of his own, a job with a future and then POOR JIMMY WON THE $24,000 RADIO JACKPOT!"

Jimmy Stewart stars in this witty and clever 1950's comedy about a guy who wins a radio contest and is burdened with all the unnecessary crap that he wins.  Excited  at first --until all of the random prizes start to arrive  at the same time...which creates a great scene while he is in the middle of an office meeting--and keeps getting calls from home.   The Pony has arrived......No I haven't thought of where we are going to put it.... It is a great plot that screams for a remake...Steve Martin would be excellent in this role.....or maybe Jim Carrey.  I kept thinking  --Why hasn't this been redone...     The situation is comedy gold....He arrives home to boxes from his three year supply of canned soup and a pony and 5o other items he doesn't need..   Then he finds out about the Tax implications and spends the rest of the movie trying to sell some of the items to pay the taxes which leads to more good comic scenes.......

I'm not usually a huge Jimmy Stewart fan --but he was excellent in this well written comedy.

Steve Martin---you need to remake this......Seriously...

Great movie Quote --a good sample of the dialogue for this flick.
Lawyer: "They might detatch your salary."
William: "Then I'll quit my job and live on soup."
Lawyer: "They might detach this house."
William: "Then I'll burn down the house!" 

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