Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Transmorphers: "Less than meets the Eye" 2 out of 10

Transmorphers:  Fall of Man   2009   2 out of 10

Tron  (Bruce Boxleitner)  has fallen off the grid and stars in this really bad Tranformers rip-off...
I mean really bad....The end of the world is upon us as the  "Machines are coming"......With such clever writing that has NEVER been used in a movie before like .     " Go.....Go....Go"  while trying to drive away from one bad digital video game robot in a town that apparently has no people.   Or    "Hang in there ...we are going to get you outta here"  to the injured about to die person on the ground.     "Taste this Tinheads"   says Tron as he flies a helicopter straight at one of this Tranformer wannabes.     It was a painful movie to watch---Epic end of the world Robot movies shouldn't have 5 people running around the desert like a scene from Tremors.     Bad --bad stuff

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