Sunday, August 14, 2011

GO AMERICA!!! Elvis, Indy, Time Machines and the Car Wash of the Future (2008)

GO AMERICA!!! Elvis, Indy, Time Machines and the Car Wash of the Future

A Non-traditional 4th of July….I started out the morning by dropping my dog off at dog day care (aka Folks house) and did my daily swim --That is 9.5 Miles in the pool in 13 days---so far so good…with the exercise plan
Then I headed out to see a 4th of July parade in Lake Forest because a myspace friend had a entry and ---it beat sitting at home all morning-----plus I can have fun doing anything if I think I can blog about it…(Cypress Swap Meet Blog---anyway) …..I decided to stop by the Car Wash of the Future… Where this robot car washer from the year 4000 washed my car for me
I sprung for the works ------and gave my car a little "How's your father" undercarriage treatment…. You know washed the old "Bait and tackle" -----And this was no ordinary Car Wash---this was the LASERWASH 4000 -----"Oh Laserwash 4000"
Oh the colors….
Now for the Parade---first we go to the Great Tiki our sideline reporter…..
Great Tiki here (GO AMERICA)

Police Hound
Elvis is in the house
I thought he was dead or something
"Show us your Pantaloons" Yelled out Lindsey- --a funny girl from the cute girls in front of me club

Giant  Wiener Alert (Close your eyes ladies so you won't be offended)
"Great Scott"
"You made a Time Machine out of a Delorean?"

The Pirates must have followed me from Long Beach
"Nice Rims " I yelled out to the Flinestone car to laughter from the girls in front of me club

Old People (GO AMERICA)
The Punctual Plumber "Oh sure he is on time---but can he fix the pipes"

We must have gone to far in the Doc Brown's Time Machine I think it is the 1980's
Biblical Times

The Wild West "The Wells Fargo Wagon is a coming"

This band was just garbage

What is with these guys? (Pimping ain't easy Dracula on the keyboard)
Fake U2
The Girls in front of me club
And for all the Indiana Jones Fans

"Hold on to your Potatoes"  (Nice Nike Airs Shortround)

"Henry Jones  Junior"

Indy Fan  Hotties  --passing out Posters to the Indy Documentary

After the parade  --headed home for awhile  --caught a couple of Twilight Zone episodes  (that is a 4th of July tradition)  
Came home watched a really interesting movie that was basically all dialogue  called  The Man from Earth  2007   8 out of 10        A really interesting Sci-fi  film that without talking about it I recommend to  cerebral folk...It just had a really interesting subject..

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