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The Invisibility Dilemma --By Brad Chowen What would you do if you were invisible?

The Invisibility Dilemma  --By Brad Chowen
What would you do if you were invisible?

I know that at times everyone can feel like they are invisible---Like no one is paying attention to you –but I'm talking about actually invisibility.   And not the kind where you could become visible again whenever you feel like it---I'm talking if you were permanently turned invisible.  
I just recently watched a whole bunch of Invisible Man movies so here are some reviews including some older Invisible Man movies from the past.    And also some observations on  Invisibility.
One thing that seems clear from most Invisible Man movies is that invisibility leads to the braking down of morals which exist for the visible.   I mean what would  you do if you were invisible? ??????  
Of course you could become a vigilante and run around trying to help people all day.
 But if the movies teach us anything the first things that come to mind are invariably all things that cross the lines for visible folk.    You could sneak into movies without paying (but better watch in the day before it gets crowded so you don't get sat on).
You could listen in on other people's conversations.   You could play pranks on people –or when you go mad torment your enemies.  There is the mischievous  Invisible Man in the women's locker room  --such as in the cheesy Invisible Man comedy  (The Man who Wasn't There 1983  4 out of 10—with Steve Guttenberg) 
So basically all the things you would probably do are things that currently you would not because of your morals and standards of society.   So what does it say about human nature if we would do these things  just because we are invisible?   Does how we answer the question of what we would do if invisible point to our true nature.    Does the person who would never steal become a criminal.   Does the typical guy become a pervert stalker. (Sneaking into Celebrity's  house to watch her take a shower----.  Or does it turn a normal person into a killer as many Invisible Man movies portray.
It may be fun to be invisible at first –but the isolation of  no longer  being a part of the visible world would eventually tear away at your sanity.  The loneliness would eat away at you.  The fact that you were completely ignored would lead you to lash out and cause havoc to make your presence known.  It would be a difficult life.  Just crossing the street would be difficult because no one would see you.  Anyway enough thoughts here are the movies
The Invisible Man  1933  7 out of 10
The classic original based on the classic Invisible Man  novel by HG Wells  -(the book itself is by far the best Invisible Man version  9 out of 10).   The movie starts off with the Invisible Man trying desperately to make himself visible.  Frustrated he lashes out –using his Invisibility to go on a rampage of violence.  Claude Rains is great as the maniacal Invisible Man.
The Invisible Man's Revenge  1944   5 out of 10
A man who feels he was wronged gets help from a scientist then uses his new found power to taunt and haunt his former partners.   Of course this leads to him being a wanted man as his lust for revenge takes him to murderous depths
The Amazing Transparent Man 1960  3 out of 10
Or as I called it the boring Invisible Man.  Another criminal on the run uses his invisibility for Crime and revenge.
Memoirs of the Invisible Man 1992  7
A surprisingly good version by John Carpenter  --starring a miscast -Chevy Chase as a Wall Street analyst that becomes invisible as part of an accident.  It deals more with his challenges at being invisible as the government tries to chase him to get the secret. 
Hollow Man 2  2000   6 out of 10
Sequel to the disappointing Hollow Man  which starred Kevin Bacon----In this sequel The Invisible  Man is played by  the cheaper now direct to video (Christian Slater)  --as a solider turned invisible assassin that is trying to get some formula that will keep him from dying an early death.  I actually liked this better than the Kevin Bacon Hollow Man 2000  5 out of 10  in  which Kevin Bacon's character just unexplainable becomes a homicidal killer way to quickly—power drunk with his invisible powers.   The original had great special effects –but was unnecessarily violent and just wasn't the Invisible Man movie I was hoping to see from Sci-Fi  Director Paul Verrhoven.    ---This sequel  -being a sequel was able to skip the whole how he turned invisible scenes and just started off with the Invisible Man already on his path of terror.  Although cheaper the story was better –including the hero of the film becoming Invisible himself  -which lead to a not so thrilling Invisible Man fight. (tough to pull off to invisible men fighting).
The Comedic look
Now You see Him now you Don't  1972   Disney   7 out of 10
This more comedic look was part of the Disney trilogy of Dexter Riley films starring a young Kurt Russell --- in this film  Dexter (Kurt) uses invisibility to help out the school and defeat the villain  who wants to get the formula for a crime spree.      Still even the well intentioned Dexter gets into high jink.   A less heroic character would let the power go to his head.
The Invisible Woman  1940  5 out of 10
Another more comedic look where a woman volunteers to become invisible as part of an experiment.   But even this good character –immeadiately takes advantage of her power to taunt and haunt her ex-boss that was an ass.  She helps to battle some mobsters that were after the formula.
So what would you do?   What laws would you break if you were invisible?   What part of your true nature would surface?
To end here is the best Invisible Man scene ever from Amazon Women on the Moon
The Son of the Invisible Man

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