Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Arnold Rises to fame as the Terminator (with a little help from James Cameron)

The Terminator   1984   10 out of 10

"Are you Sara Conners?"   Continuing Arnold week.  The Terminator....Arnold made his big leap to superstar status with  The Terminator films.     Uttering his robotic lines to perfection

The Terminator: The .45 long slide, with laser sighting. 

Or complicated dialogue like.....

The Terminator :   Get out.

He strutted around the movie as an unstoppable killer robot from the future. Sent back to prevent John Conner from being born..  Sure there are holes in the time Travel logic and many questions one could ask about the Time travel loop that doesn't make sense......but who cares the movie is kick-ass  Great sci-fi classic film that really launched his career.   This film would begin Arnold's  domination as the go to 1980's action star.   

T-2 Judgement Day  1991  10 out of 10

Arnold was back all right....and even more kick ass than before at the height of his fame....James Cameron really rolled out one of the best action movies of all-time with this sequel.   A leap in special effects with the liquid Terminator....This time Arnold was too popular to be a villian.  But he still kicked  ass.  With fun cheesy lines mixed into the non-stop action.

Terminator "Hasta la vista, baby. "

This should have been his last Terminator film....but they all do one film too many because of the payday....and T-3 was not as good.

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