Sunday, August 14, 2011

It is all about overseas these days at the box office

3 Films this year have already passed the 1 Billion dollar mark and sit a top the top 10 all time worldwide.
As of today the final Potter only trails behind   Titanic and Avatar on the all time worldwide box office list with over 1,186  so far    of which over 829 Million is from the foreign box office.

Likewise   Transformers 3   1,057  worldwide  ( 710  million overseas)    number 7 all time  followed by Pirates 4  1,038  worldwide (798 million overseas)  Number 8 All-Time .  Pirates for example has made  239 Million domestic  which is a lot but not a huge amount --yet overseas it is making a killing.   The domestic box office is no longer king..   It is all about the other markets these days.

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