Monday, August 29, 2011

Freakshow 2007 4 out of 10

This is a dull and boring retelling of Tod Browning's  horror oddity from 1932.
A hot girl played by hottie Rebekah Kochan  (also in the Telling a film I previously reviewed) seduces some weird carnival owner that runs a Freakshow.....Why I have no idea?  She could easily land a rich guy that doesn't have growths all over his back ---and  Freakshow money?  Really??
Anyway ---the movie is dull --dull--dull it doesn't have the same creepy factor that the original Freaks had.   Instead it just plods along until the kind of cool ending when the Freaks go all   "Freaks Gone Wild" after one of their own is killed......Good ending ---but had to sit through an hour and a half of boredom to get there...

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