Sunday, January 22, 2017

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising 2016 5 out of 10

Neighbors 2 : Sorority Rising  2016  5 out of 10

The original movie was a fun take on the War of Roses type movie. A couple battles a frat in a crazy battle of neighbors.
The movie did well at the box office office so a sequel was inevitable.  When the trailer came out it actually looked like it may be worth watching ---especially if you liked the original.   The concept for the sequel was an easy one.  This time around ...right as the couple was trying to sell their house a sorority moves in and chaos ensues again,

Unfortunately--all of the best scenes for this sequel are in the trailer. It should have been more over the top and crazier than the first one,  but instead it was just a not so creative rehashing of the original.  It wasn't as funny,   it wasn't as extreme in the battles.   Despite one good scene with a chase at the Tailgate party --- the film was pretty tame and almost dull.  The writing for this sequel was just lazy and instead of being wild and crazy it was fairly dull and mundane.  It was an unnecessary cash grab sequel with little entertainment value.

Enjoy the Trailer......Skip the movie.

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