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Flashback Friday Movie Review: Event Horizon 1997 9+ out of 10

Event Horizon 1997   9+ out of 10

I decided to take a look back at Event Horizon recently after watching several similarly themed films over the summer.
Event Horizon is an example of a horror movie in space.  Think of it as a Space Ship/Haunted House film.  It borrows elements from films like the Shining (in the journey to madness)  and Aliens (in the visual style of the film).   

I had recently seen films like Pandorum from 2009  in which a couple astronauts wake up early on a long range mission to find out they are not alone on the ship.   It is a great journey into space madness.  An interesting film worth checkin out.

Inifini  2015 was a surprisingly good  low budget Aussie film with of a similar story where a search a rescue team are transported to a facility to only to find madness as well.   And the movie Sunshine 2007  which also had a simliar story that just didn't work as well for me.

I'm glad I took a look back at Event Horizon --because on repeat viewing I actually enjoyed it a more than the first time around . Paul WS Anderson directed the film and the production of the film itself sounds like it was cluster f... .  There is a great article over on Den of Geek that gets more into detail of the film's production issues and factors that may have lead to how the film turned out.
Somehow a cool film came out of the process.

The strength of the film is the performances by its strong cast that includes Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill.   The crew is sent to investigate a spaceship that disappeared into a black hole and has now surprisingly come back.   Sam Neill does an excellent job as the scientist that already knows more than the crew.  (Evil Scientists always ruin everything---they always have to study things --that shouldn't be studied).    Something came back with the spaceship when it returned from the black hole.   A Force, a dark energy,  maybe even Hell itself.    Instead of being just a movie about space madness---this film gets deeper into Clive Barker,  H.P Lovecraft territory.  The ship has apparently returned acrosss the black hole from another dimension --basically unlocked Pandora's box and unleashing a hell dimension into our universe.    The film is visually stunning.  The abandoned ship is super creepy with a strange gothic ship design that looks like something out of a torture chamber.   The movie sets up this haunted ship in space so well and then devolves into chaos.   I really enjoyed this film on repeat viewing after about 20 years and gave it a better rating than I had back in 1997.

If you like creepy Sci-Fi horror with a strange haunted house gothic vibe ---make the time to revisit Event Horizon

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