Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bourne Ultimatum 2007 7 out of 10

Bourne Ultimatum 2007  7 out of 10

I've now seen all 4 of the Matt Damon Bourne movies and I'm convinced that Jason Bourne is just a disposable action hero.  The Jason Bourne movies have perfected the following and avoiding people in a crowd scene. These scenes are filled with tension and look great on screen.    Half of the scenes are people trying to find Jason Bourne and Jason Bourne trying to find answers.  The first movie in the Bourne series seemed new and unique---but now the formula for the Bourne movies has made them completely unmemorable after viewing.   Don't get me wrong:  they are a fun and enjoyable ride at the time you are watching them --but other than Jason Bourne getting one small piece of information about his past --nothing really happens.   Jason Bourne isn't saving the world like James Bond or Jack Bauer,  instead he is just avoiding capture again and again while the people around him die.   The series features great action sequences---but after the thrill of watching the film---I feel empty as far as the series goes.  

In conclusion:   Watch the Bourne films for the action sequences --not for the slowly evolving and redundant story lines.

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