Friday, October 23, 2020

Invasion of the Star Creatures 1962 3 out of 10

Invasion of the Star Creatures  1962   3 out of 10

I came across this film as a suggestion on Amazon Prime.  The poster for this film is terrific, but the film itself is just overly silly and not very entertaining.  It is trying to be like an Abbott and Costello meet the monsters type of film or similar films from and earlier era --but is misses the point that those films had big name comedy stars and prior followings.  Abbott and Costello were a team with one character playing more of the straight man role.  The two bumbling characters in this film were equally dim and seemed to just be breaking in and out of celebrity impersonations the whole time.

The two Amazonian space woman in their space outfits were the only true highlight of this silly film --but they deserved better leading men to play off of.   The Vegatable men space creatures that were under the control of these Space Babes as the bumbling duo called them were of the quality of maybe a Jr. high school play.  They looked like dressed up potato sacks that were decorated at the last minute.   The creatures belong in the worst of sci-fi creature designs hall of fame and look like costumes that were so bad that they were rejected from Lost in Space.  

I would say to pass on this stinker of a sci-fi comedy.

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