Friday, October 30, 2020

Beyond the Time Barrier 1960 4 out of 10 (Time Travel Movie # 19)


Beyond the Time Barrier  1960    4 out of 10

I'm a sucker for anything Time Travel Related and I got some suggested movies that came to my attention on Amazon Prime.  Beyond the Time Barrier from 1960 has a great poster -- unfortunately the movie was just so-so.   The story follows a military test pilot that ends up going through a time wrap that during a test flight and ends up in the year 2024  (the distant future back then).   Of course as in most of these old time travel movies the future is a bleak place thanks to a plague  (oh crap).  

(Apparently all the mutants shop at the same store.)

The theme of the story was cool -but the plot moved along slowly and there were too many scenes of just dialogue.  I felt like I've seen better and more interesting versions of similar stories in old Twilight Zone episodes so as a movie this left me really underwhelmed.

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