Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Flight That Disappeared 1961 6 out of 10

Flight That Disappeared 1961  6 out of 10

While on a flight from Los Angeles to Washington DC for an important meeting a plane that continues to climb despite the pilots best efforts to stop it.  A couple important passengers find themselves stuck in a strange dimension where they are put on trial for events that haven't occurred yet.   This movie feels like a Twilight Zone episode.  The concept of the story is cool --but it gets a little preachy during the trial which basically puts the characters on trial for creating a powerful weapon that hasn't happened yet.  The film feels at times like it could be a stage play since it basically takes place in only two sets the plane and the trial in the dimension without time,  The film is basically equivalent to a good yet not great episode of either Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits.  If you go into it with that expectation you may enjoy it.

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