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(Animated movie # 14 ) Hotel Transylvania 2 7+ out of 10 2015

(Animated movie # 14 )  
Hotel Transylvania 2  7+ out of 10  2015

I found the first Hotel Transylvania to be surprisingly entertaining.  It wasn’t a movie that was on my radar and I saw it at a movie in the park event several years ago with the kids.   When the sequel came out we got it on DVD and the kids ended up seeing it in the back of the car on a road trip, so I didn’t get around to seeing it until this past week.

The first movie dealt with Drac who runs a Hotel in Transylvania for Monsters dealing with his daughter falling for a human.    In the sequel we pick up with his daughter getting married and having a baby.  The story jumps forward a bit and mainly deals with Drac wanting the baby to embrace his monster side as he approaches his 5th birthday.   Drac and his pals try and show with grandson what monsters are really like with some funny results.  I didn’t think this story worked as well as the first on, but it still had some entertaining moments. 

The best part of this film series is Adam Sandler as Drac.   While his live action movies are very hit and miss his voice acting as Drac in this animated feature is spot on.   His sense of humor works well as the old Vampire stuck between the reality of his current world and the old days when things were different. 
The other element that works so well in Hotel Transylvania series in the world building.  The monsters that visit the hotel are totally interesting and entertaining.  Hotel Transylvania 3 just hit Theaters this past month and I’ll be interested to see the cast of cool background characters in that film as well as they vacation on a cruise ship.  The concept for the third one sounds like a more interesting plot then this second outing.

I would definitely recommend this one if your kids liked the original.

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