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Rampage 2018 7 out of 10

Rampage 2018  7 out of 10

When I first heard that they were going to turn the arcade game Rampage into a movie I laughed.   The game was a simplistic game that gave the player control of one of three monsters basically putting the player in a King Kong or Godzilla like characters with the goal of destroying a city.  I wondered how they were going to turn such a simple concept into a film?

Well the answer is that they really didn't put much more thought into the movie than the that.  The plot of Rampage was simple and silly and totally predictable from start to finish.  While watching the film I was laughing at how simple and completely unbelievable the film was.  This film is definitely not winning any awards for screen writing and yet somehow it didn't matter.   This totally flawed and silly monster movie still succeeds at being entertaining.    

One of the main reasons for the film being enjoyable is Dwayne the Rock Johnson who plays a primatologist named Davis who has works at the zoo and has a great relationship with a large albino Gorilla named George.  The Rock is just so likeable of an action star that he can pretty much make any film he is in watchable at this point.  The silly story didn't hinder the enjoyability of the over the top film because the relationship between this gorilla and The Rock is so good.  Big props to the CGI department for helping create such a believable character in George the Gorilla.

In the arcade game humans turn into the giant Monsters after taking a genetic potion.  The film slightly spins this into the monsters basically happening as a result of a greedy corporations genetic experiment from space crashing to earth and infecting several animals including George.   After being infected George starts to rapidly grow and show fearsome behavior.   The film then becomes a race as The Rock tries to race to get an antidote from the evil corporation before the enlarged out of control creatures destroy the city.

Aside from The Rock we didn't tune into this film for the story....we came for the giant monsters destroying the city and battling each other and in that aspect the third act of the film doesn't disappoint.  If you played the video game there are numerous nods to the game including one of the arcade games itself in the offices of the evil corporation.   The monsters climb the side of buildings and punch helicopters just like in the game.  At the same time that I was laughing at how stupid the plot was I was also kind of smiling at how all that didn't matter because it was still fun.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan from the Walking Dead )  also stars in the film as a government agent that at first seems like an antagonist to the Rock at first and yet isn't exactly what he seems.   I thought it was funny that he was basically playing a nicer version of Negan  (even saying some of the same lines that his Walking Dead character says).   

If you like Giant Monster movies  then just enjoy this silly film for what it is......a giant predictable tasty and cheesy bucket of popcorn.

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