Saturday, August 18, 2018

Pacific Rim 2: Uprising 2018 7 out of 10

Pacific Rim 2: Uprising  2018 7 out of 10

While I thought the original Pacific Rim was a super fun and original blending of genres that was able to successfully bring a twist to the Godzilla style monster movies this sequel doesn't really build that well on the world building of the first film.   There are some really odd and bizarre things that drive the plot of this sequel.  It is almost like the story itself was an after thought.  I felt like the ideas the producers had for scenes they would like to see drove the plot more than the natural progression from the first film.   "Hey let's have Jaegars fighting each other"   "Let's find a way for the Kaiju monsters combine like something out of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to form an even bigger monster"   Why not.   The plot was just to derivative and offered nothing special or new.  The film was still enjoyable --but at times I wondered if it would be better off with Japanese stuntman in rubber suits as I watched the robots and monsters fighting.   

John Boyega (Finn from Star Wars) cashs in on his Star Wars fame in the lead role as Jake Pentecost the son of Stacker Pentecost from the first film.  He starts off the movie as a scrapper trying to earn a big score in territory that is off limits.   He quickly is dragged back into his former job as a Jaeger pilot.  His back story is almost unnecessary as he easily gets right back into his old career as if he had never left.  He does a solid job as the main character --but again people are tuning into this film to see giant robots fight giant monsters.    Just like Rampage (which I saw the same weekend)  this is a silly giant Monster movie and just like Rampage it should be enjoyed for what it is ---silly popcorn fun.   You aren't going to remember these film years from now -- but you may enjoy them for the couple hours you invest in watching them.

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