Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nine Miles Down 2009 7 out of 10

Nine Miles Down  2009   7 out of 10

A Security expert (played by Adrian Paul) is sent to check on a group of scientist in the desert that contact has been lost with.  Instead all he runs into is a hot blond and a mystery.   The experiment that scientists were working on was drilling into the Earth's crust and while doing so they unleashed something.  It may be a strange gas that is causing hallucinations or it may be a the gateway to hell.  Anyway things aren't quite what they seem and the movie does a pretty good job of making you constantly change your opinion of what is really going on.  The movie would have had a perfect ending if it had ended about 5 minutes earlier than it did,  but it felt like pulling and putting the rug out from underneath you a few more times.  It probably would have been an 8 out of 10 for me if it had ended at the right point.  Still it was an interesting movie that engaged my attention.

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