Sunday, May 12, 2013

Jurassic Attack (AKA Rise of the Dinosaurs) 2013 5 out of 10

Jurassic Attack (AKA Rise of the Dinosaurs)  2013 5 out of 10

A commando squad is sent to rescue a scientist from a terrorist and ends up with their helicopter getting shot down in an ancient crater where dinosaurs still exist.  Jurassic Attack gives us yet another lost world dinosaur movie with cheesy video game looking special effects and bad dialogue and cheesy acting.  The actor playing the professor that they bump into in this lost world is clearly doing an impression of Brad Pitt from Twelve Monkeys as he tries to explain the wonder of this lost world.   The commandos work their way through the jungle as they try to escape getting picked off one at a time by CGI dinos.  There is nothing new or exciting about this sci-fi Dino flick, but I've definitely seen worse.

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