Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When good guys attack EACH OTHER: Top off the top of my head

While watching the Green Hornet on DVD the other day which had a great Good guys kicking each other's ass  scene it made me think of what other movies had such a scene....and a couple came to mind instantly of course...  Warning do not take this list as the definitive  Good guys kicking each others butt list (I'm sure there are many great ones that I'm missing that may be better than what is on this list).

Think of this list as a work in progress.......I'm open to suggestions if there is a movie that you think deserves to be on the list or that I may be overlooking.     Anyway here we go

Number 5   Iron Man 2     The fight between drunk Iron Man and War Machine  was pretty good --they tore apart his apartment.

Number 4   Mr and Mrs  Smith    Brad Pitt and Angelina  Jolie nearly killing each other and then making out with also probably the sexiest fight scene as well.......(Too sexy apparently  it spelled the end of Brad's relationship to Jennifer Aniston)

Number 3   The Green Hornet     Watching the Green Hornet and Kato  trying to tear each others heads off was the turning point for this movie that made it go from okay to good in the second half of the film

Number 2    Cato vs Clouseau  from   Pink Panther Strikes Again.
All of their fights were great --but this one was special

Number 1 
They Live   Rowdy Piper fight scene
Battling over a pair of glasses and nearly killing each other

We discussed this fight in the senseless Banter podcast
Here the podcast and see the fight here

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