Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Transporter 1 and 2 quick review..

The Transporter  2002   8
In the Transporter he is a no questions asked  Transporter ---He drives things from one place to another.   And boy does he drive!!    Only problem is what he is driving this time is a girl in a bag.     After his employer tries to blow him up—He gets some action packed revenge .  The  action sequences are beautifully choreographed  delights.   Ridiculous yes but  very Jackie Chan.   This was a good solid  action flick—Well Paced story –great action scenes.   Quality picture.  Jason Statham is currently the best  kick ass action star out there.....His fight scenes alone are generally worth watching the movies that he is in........Crank   2006    9 out of 10 is his best to date

The Transporter 2  2005  6
Unforunately this sequel had a bad plot with holes  the Tranporter could drive through.  It still had some good action sequences—many extremely over the top.   But the weak storyline really bogged this  (let's make some money quick sequel )  down

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