Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Talladega Nights 2006 5

I was very disappointed ----I love Will Ferrell (who shined in even the really bad SNL sketches)   --But Talladega Nights was the perfect example yet again of a film that's best scenes were in the trailer.    Don't get wrong there were good moments in this film –The family dinner scene with the argument over his thanking Baby Jesus with great.
The plot was just a mess and there were characters that didn't even really matter to the movie at all like Molly Shannon's character.    It really didn't have a good story and was just a meshing together of a bunch of random scenes that just didn't work for me.  I just expected better.   The ending with the 2 cars left both crashing and them running to the finish was just plain stupid.  Will Ferrell movies are filled with dumb humor --which in most cases turns to gold,  but this race car movie just kept running around and around the track and never gets to the finish line.   From the makers of Anchorman......."I know Anchorman --and Ricky Bobby  you sir are no Anchorman"

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