Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Click 2006 5 out of 10

I loved the concept of this movie ---But to be the cheesy movie critic -  "Click just didn't Click"   I think Adam Sandler was miscast in a movie that would have been better served with the talents of Jim Carrey.  There are some minor laughs as he begins to use the remote to fast forward and turn off the volume at moments in his --life.   Christopher Walken --playing himself as usual .  He doesn't act but instead does impersonations of himself.   My problem with the movie is when the magical remote starts automatically fast forwarding his life based on his previous selections and the movie starts to get to serious---The tone change just didn't "Click"  --I began to want to fast forward the movie myself which is never a good thing. I felt the movie didn't  take enough advantage of its high concept theme instead turning into a  It's a Wonderful Life message movie.

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