Thursday, July 21, 2011

Comic Con 2012 Update from Comic Con 2011 NOT SO MUCH

My good friend Danny  was only able to get a one day ticket this year after 3 days of online nightmares and Comic Con computer server crashes  (I gave up once the Friday and Saturday tickets sold out)  called me this morning from Comic Con and said he was in line to pre-register for tickets for next year .

I was excited --checked on the website quickly to see what the dates were........Then he calls me back to say nevermind that people had camped out since yesterday at 11am in line for it basically spending an entire day in line this year for tickets for next year........Let's just hope that Comic Con monumental  multiple day mess up doesn't happen again online that prevented me from going this year and my friend from getting  only a one day pass.......UNLUCKY....My Comic Con days must may be over....

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