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Dick Tracy 1945 7 out of 10 (50 Mystery Movies in 50 Weeks) Movie #1

Dick Tracy 1945  7 out of 10

I recently revisited the 1990 Touchstone film Dick Tracy over the weekend.  After that I remembered that the 50 movie Mystery Classics DVD set that I own had some old Dick Tracy movies I decided to dive in and ended up watching 3 Dick Tracy films from the 1940's.    After watching these 3 films I decided to embark on a quest to watch and review all 50 films from this DVD set.  I'm calling this series  50 Mystery Movies in 50 Weeks).

Mystery Movie #1   Dick Tracy 1945
The first film that we will take a quick look at is Dick Tracy from 1945.  This is the first of 4 Dick Tracy produced by RKO at this time (3 of which are on this DVD set).   This film brings the comic strip character to the big screen.  Dick Tracy has to solve a series of murders that are being caused by a man know as Splitface.  He must figure out what all the murder victims have in commons in order to track down the elusive killer.

The film doesn't quite capture the comic book feel like the 1990's version.   It feels more like a standard gangster film of the time more than it does a comic adaptation.   That being said the film was still a fun gangster flick featuring a fast pace and some decent action sequences.  These 1940's mystery movies usually have about an hour running time which make them easy to digest and enjoy.  The highlight was the final fight between Dick Tracy and Splitface that included a fist fight and fall off a second story balcony that looked like something straight out of a Universal Studios Stunt show.

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