Sunday, September 2, 2018

(Animated movie # 15) The Boss Baby 6 out of 10 2017

The Boss Baby 2017  6 out of 10

I was suprised to read so many super positive reviews of this movie.  It was a decent animated film, but definitely not a family friendly movie like many have said.  I wouldn't recommend it for small kids unless you are comfortable with the adult style humor of The Simpsons, Family Guy of South Park.    Speaking of the Family Guy the concept behind this movie was clearly taken from Stewie from the Family Guy.  The film is based on a children's book called The Boss Baby from 2013, but the "inspiration" for the character voiced by Alec Baldwin is clearly Stewie.    The only problem is Stewie is a much more interesting character.  

Despite the lack of originality in concept for viewers of Family Guy (which has been around since 1998)  this film did have some funny moments.   The action sequences in the film are well done and entertaining.   The film centers around a seven year old named Tim who has an over active imagination.     He has always been the center of attection until a strange baby dressed in a business suit shows up.   At first they battle as Tim tries to prove to his parents that this adult like baby in a suit isn't the cute little baby they think he is.  There is a fun action filled sequence as they battle over a cassette tape of the baby talking.   Tim loses the battle and ends up grounded.

The Boss Baby reveals the truth about himself to Tim letting him know that he is actually on a secret mission to find out what Puppy Co is up to with the release of a puppy that may destroy the baby industry forever.  You see Boss Baby actually works for a company called Baby Co.   Tim reluctantly agrees to help The Boss Baby who promises to leave Tim's life if he can complete his mission.   From there the plot gets predictable yet continues to be entertaining with fun action sequences.  The Baby Co. vs Puppy Co. storyline was an interesting concept also but also not super original since it felt "inspired" from Cats vs Dogs.

For me the film was entertaining --but not as good as a really good Family Guy episode.  It would be a 7 out of 10 for me if it wasn't for the inappropriate fart and ass jokes.   At moments I felt like I was watching the cow scene from Top Secret,  which as a parent made me really uncomfortable.   Dreamworks has had a habit of you relying on fart jokes or modern references for laughs.   I've always preferred Disney and Pixar films which have more heart substance.   Cartoon character crawling out of inflatable dog's butt are not appropriate for children.  I'm shocked that this film received a PG rating.  The fact that this film was marketed to kids brings it down a notch for me.  Other than that as an adult I still found sections of the film enjoyable-  but I'd rather watch an episode of The Family Guy if I want more adult humor and more laughs.

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