Friday, July 8, 2016

Synchronicity 2015 7 out of 10 (Time Travel Movie #5)

Synchronicity 2015  7 out of 10

My journey through a batch of Time Travel movies continues with Synchronicity.  The movie had a pretty simple story in which a physicist (Chad McKnight)  invents a time machine using the funding of a rich millionaire (played by Michael Ironside) .  Just when he thinks he has failed one of his experiments actually works. A rare plant appears from the future and a cool Sci-fi Noir love story begins. The main character meets a beautiful mysterious girl .(played by Brianne Davis who reminded me of Oliva Wilde in Tron Legacy)  She seduces him into revealing his secrets.  Then while in her room finds the rare plant that came back through the machine.   

The movie had an interesting story with us discovering that some of the things we are seeing have been influenced by events from another version of the main character after he has Time Traveled.  There are basically two versions of himself interacting with the other characters at the same time.    The movie had a great soundtrack.  The soundtrack reminded me of Bladerunner and Tron and  gave the film a cool Sci-fi Noir feel.   This was a low budget film that made a good use of story, soundtrack and casting to make an enjoyable interconnected Time Travel  adventure.

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