Saturday, July 16, 2016

Primer 2004 7 out of 10 (Time Travel Movie #7)

Primer 2004  7 out of 10

Primer is a cool low budget Time Travel film that proves that you don't need big budget special effects to make an effective and interesting Time Travel picture.   The film was made for $7,000 which is remarkable.  It depends heavily on dialogue which is very well written.  It focuses on a couple of young scientists that stumble upon the ability to travel back in time.  The restrictions on the films budget -forced the filmmakers to be creative in their storytelling. The story develops slowly  (So stick around) as the characters test and discuss their discovery.   They test the time machine out --using a rented storage facility as their time machine. They do the logical things like making deals on the stock market.   After numerous trips back in time they start to notice some weird things have happened and as is usual in a time travels pictures like this they figure they can just go back and try to fix them.  This of course never works out as planned.    Their leaps only complicate things and the confusion just makes the story more interesting.   

If you are a fan of time travel check this one out.  I stumbled across it well looking for Time Travel movies I hadn't seen before and despite the films tiny budget it delivered and interesting time travel story.

    Here is the link to the trailer

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