Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let's Be Cops 2014 8+ out of 10

Let's Be Cops  2014  8+ out of 10

The trailer for this comedy looked funny and the movie for once actually lived up to the trailer.  Damon Wayons Jr. and Jake Johnson star as two pals that feel like they are going nowhere in their lives.  Jake's character is literally going nowhere and Damon's character is working as a game designer at a video game company that can't seem to speak up to get his ideas heard.   They dress up as cops for a Costume party that wasn't really a costume party and end up getting addicted to being fake cops.  It is a disaster waiting to happen (They could totally go to jail for this).   Jake's character ends up taking it a step further and buys a cop car on Ebay and drages Damon deeper into their fake roles.    The movie had some genuinely funny scenes including having to break up a girl fight and the naked Sumo Wreslting takedown.  The chemistry between the actors is great, of course they already work together on the silly sitcom "New Girl" on Fox.   As a fan of "New Girl" this movie almost felt like an extension of those same characters - just taken to a rawer, crazier level.   If you are a fan of that TV show --it is a sure thing you will like this movie.

 The third act of the movie gets serious as their adventures as fake cops takes them into dangerous territory as they uncover an evil gang.  This tonal shift actually worked while and despite the film getting more serious than any of the trailers would have suggested it didn't take away from the film.  The very end of the film was able to bring things back to a fun comic level and the extra scenes during the credits were a blast as well.  

 I would love to see the Jake and Damon in another movie together.

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