Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Colony 2013 6 out of 10

The Colony 2013 6 out of 10

It is the end of the world and the earth has frozen over. What is left of humanity is living underground and trying to hold onto to their humanity.  It is a brutal life at colony 7.  Those that catch a cold are sent to quarantine and if they don't get better they are killed or sent into the snow as to not spread the virus amongst the small bit of society that is left. 

The Acting
  The main character is played well by Kevin Zegers  and this low budget sci-fi film stars a couple of big name actors -- Laurence Fishburne and the always entertaining Bill Paxton .  As a result the acting was better than you would expect for this end of the world film.

The Film
The film itself was fairly good as the survivors deal with this new harsh society.   They get a distress call from another Colony and their leader Laurence Fishburne goes out with several others to check it out.   It is basically a Zombie movie without zombies.  What they discover at the other colony is that it has been wiped out by feral human cannibals.   The cannibals chase them back to their colony and it is a fight for survival.   It brings up the same questions as in the recent season of The Walking Dead about how quickly we could lose our humanity in an apocalyptic world.  Could humans quickly devolve into Canibalism like the folks at Terminus or the feral gang of cannibals in this flick?  It is a question I would rather not think about --yet a question that makes for decent cinema.  

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