Friday, December 14, 2012

12 Disasters of Christmas 2012 4 out of 10 (Christmas Gone Wrong Part 6)

The 12 Disasters of Christmas 2012   4 out of 10

Christmas Gone Wrong Part 6.. 

Now I've seen everything......On Christmas Eve in a small town the world is about to end.....And the song the 12 days of Christmas is actually a retelling of a Mayan  end of days story.   Well the end of days have arrived and a young teenager is apparently the chosen one that can stop it.....if she can gather up 5 golden rings hidden in the small town for some reason.   The disasters are cheesy, and there is a villain that is convinced he must kill the girl to save the world.   The movie stars Magda Apanowicz (previously of Caprica and another Christmas gone wrong movie  Snowmageddon)

The movie is pure cheese....but I give it a few points for trying to turn this concept into an ill conceived plot.    Who doesn't want to see a Christmas movie about the end of the world???  Right?

A random thought that crossed my mind while watching this barely watchable bad Si-Fi movie..."Wouldn't it be cool if you were Bill Gates rich to have a collection of movie props from cheesy Sci-Fi movies".   There was this goofy Mayan compass in the film that if I had a cheesy movie museum would be a great piece for the collection.

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