Saturday, December 15, 2012

Area 407 7 out of 10

Area 407  7 out of 10

The found footage film is now a genre.   The trail was blazed by the overrated and dull Blair Witch project in 1999  3 out of 10  (which was a big financial success--despite sucking)  and later by such films as Paranormal Activity --another  overrated film (that spawned a successful franchise).    This genre got the big budget treatment and good film out of Cloverfield in 2008 where we only got glimpses of the giant Godzilla like monster.   This is a low budget version of that style that was actually pretty interesting for what it was.  It basically follows this 2 teen girls on a plane flight home for the Holidays that goes terrible wrong.   They of course are filming the whole thing which includes a plane crash onto a government test area that happens to have a creature that kills people.   This low budget ---don't show you the creature lost footage worked for me in a way that Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity did not.  The main problem with Blair Witch was not only did they not show you anything --but there was nothing to hear to scare you as well.  Blair Witch 3 out of 10  was so over hyped that when I saw it I almost walked out of the theater it was so bad.  This movie had a good use of sound....something that Blair Witch was lacking.... Maybe it was just the fact that I had never heard of the film when I DVR'd it off of Chiller TV....Maybe if this movie had been hyped like both Blair Witch or Paranormal it would have been a dud as well,  but I was actually surprised by and enjoyed this movie to a certain extent.  I even liked the ending which although it was very predictable---was perfect for the film.

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