Sunday, December 9, 2012

Indiana Jones at the Discovery Science Center: Part 1

When I heard Indiana Jones was coming to the Discovery center I was excited.   I'd heard about the exhibit when it was in Canada and was hoping that it would make its way to the Los Angeles/Orange County area eventually.    

The Holy Grail!!!!!
The Sankara Stones!!!!
The Ark!!!!

I was so there.  

Up first Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indy's outfit

The exhibit included an audio tour and video displays along with the movie props.  There was also an interactive adventure for the kids

Here is some Indy Concept art

"Throw me the Idol,  I'll throw you the whip"

The ark

Props from the Marion's bar

The Headpiece

Temple of Doom

Anything Goes Concept art

Club Obi Wan outfits

Mola Ram's Headdress

"It's only a model"

 The Stones

Fortune and Glory

 Coming up in part 2    The Last Crusade and Crystal Skull

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