Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dracula Has Risen from his Grave 1969 5 out of 10

Dracula Has Risen from his Grave  1969   5 out of 10

"No coffin could ever hold him"   states the trailer that like the poster   is more thrilling than the movie itself.  Christopher Lee stars as Dracula for one of the 7 times he played the role in this Hammer horror film.  It is your standard.... slow moving, horny Dracula movie.  Dracula slowing stalks his pray in between taking naps in his coffin.  It has some of the typical Hammer style to it -but there is nothing remarkable about this Vampire movie.  The girl Dracula has an eye on in this feature is the stunning Veronica Carlson.

.....I personally prefer kick ass... action packed Vampire flicks like Underworld of Blade.....or comedy action Vampire stuff like Buffy or Angel.....The slow---lurking in the shadows  seduction Vampire stuff.....NOT so Much.----anyway check out the trailer and decide for yourself.

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