Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Softer Side of the Rock: The Game Plan and Tooth Fairy

Can you smell what the Rock is Cooking?...

The ex WWE  bad ass that just recently returned to the ring took a partially successful detour into the  Tough guy turns guy with a heart movies----most notable of the genre Arnold's Kindergarten Cop.     Vin Diesel did it and so did Hulk Hogan before that.

In both  The Game Plan from 2007   7 out of 10 (90 Million Domestic Gross)  and The Tooth Fairy from 2010  5 out of 10 
 (60 Million Domestic Gross)  The Rock plays a pro sports figure that due to circumstances beyond his control has to undertake a journey to find his softer side.....In the case of The Game Plan he is a cocky me first quarterback that all of a sudden ends up with a daughter he didn't know he had  on his door step and has to change his ways which include being involved in her ballet class.  The movie is typical of the genre and just kind of chugs along until his character starts to get it and actually turns the corner from just a so-so movie into a heart warming (yet predictable conclusion).   The Tooth Fairy is just an attempt to capitalize on the success of the first film and since you can't really do a sequel to a movie that has such a character changing realization you just make the same movie with a few changes....The Tooth Fairy idea had been floating around Hollywood for a long time...(Arnold was originally supposed to be in it) before it landed at the Rock's feet..  Again he plays a sports figure that  ...this time a brutal hockey player that is known for knocking people's teeth out.   He ends up being sentenced to be an actual Tooth Fairy and learns some life lessons similar to those learned in The Game Plan along the way.   Unfortunately this movie wastes some good comic potential instead hoping you will laugh simple because the Rock is in a Fairy outfit --rather than mining the comic ground the film falls a little flat.  I personally like watching the Rock smash heads like in The Rundown.....

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