Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Changeup 2011 8 out of 10

The Changeup 2011   8 out of 10
The body switch movie is definitely not a new concept by any means.  So what makes this different from say  Freaky Friday or Big or 17 Again  or 13 going on 30 or Like Father Like Son or Vice Versa or 18 Again or Switch?    Well this time we are in for a much more Adult version of the body switch movie.  This body switch movie stars Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds as 2 friends with very different lives that switch while peeing in a magical fountain.   The single guy with no responsibility learns to grow up a little and the married guy that takes life to seriously learns to lighten up and enjoy life a little again.   What makes it special is the fact that the character lessons are heart felt and the story is strong which is a surprise when you consider all of the dirty jokes in this R Rated movie.  The movie is R rated funny without losing the message of its story.  Jason Bateman is great playing Ryan Reynolds character (a departure from his typical character which he plays at the beginning).  All in all a solid film.

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