Thursday, December 29, 2011

John Carter of Mars vs Princess of Mars

John Carter of Mars 2012....
The first trailers for this film were underwhelming --but now it looks like it could be an epic movie.   I fear that it could be one of those really great movies that nobody goes and sees though.   It is supposed to be a series of movies yet--if no one goes to the first one the series could die really fast.  It is based on the  books of

Edgar Rice Burroughs  of Tarzan fame.  So here is hoping that this big budget film that so far has not been generating buzz can find it before it opens....

Let's hope that it is better than the  2009 Syfy channel movie starring Antonio Sabato Jr in some rented Gladiator outfit  and Traci Lords wearing a fake Princess Leia bikini costume....  This dull version was super cheesy...with bad monster masks and an extremely low budget.

Homemade Slave Leia outfit

Princess of Mars 2009 Cheesy Monster Makeup --Perfect for the Vasquez Rocks backdrop.....GORN....

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