Monday, December 26, 2011

Brad's top 10 movies for 2000

Coming in at number 10

Bedazzled 8 out of 10 fun Remake of the great 1960's movie with Peter O Toole and Dudley Moore....Elizabeth Hurley makes a great devil

Coming in at number 9

Fantasia 2000 8+ out of 10
An amazing animated treat for fans that loved the original.....The segment with the Flamingo is one of the best shorts ever

Coming in at number 8

The Sixth Day 9 out of 10
Arnold in an underrated cool sci-fi movie about Human Cloning.

Coming in at number 7

The Emperors New Groove 2000 9 out of 10
A really funny animated movie.... Patrick Warbuton shines as Kronk

Coming in at number 6

Best in Show 9 out of 10
 Amazing comedic look into the world of dog shows.... by the people that brought you Spinal Tap

Coming in at number 5

Titan AE 2000 9 out of 10
Good sci-fi with Don Bluth paint brush....Like Space Ace and Dragon's Lair in movie

Coming in at number 4

The Klumps 2000 9 out of 10
Eddie Murphy is back in fine form as his entire family in the Klumps.....Hilarious

Coming in at number 3

Dinosaur 2000 9 out of 10
Visually stunning Dinosaur movie that uses animation against real backgrounds.

Coming in at number 2

Gladiator 10 out of 10
Kick Ass Sword and Sandal flick...Russell Crowe at his best. Directed by Ridley Scott.

Number 1

The Patriot 10 out of 10
Mel Gibson at his kick ass best ....Sign me up for any war movie with Mel in it

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