Monday, May 21, 2018

Logan (An unpopular opinion) 2017 4 out of 10

Logan 2017 4 out of 10

I'm glad I didn't see this one in the theaters.  I know for some comic book fans this was the Wolverine movie they wanted to see.  Not being a comic book fan  I found myself completely bored by this film.  Logan takes place in the year 2029 in a future where the mutants or X-Men are pretty much a thing of the past.   So pretty much a Wolverine that doesn't heal as fast anymore and Professor X who is an ailing old man are left.  Basically, all the other characters you may have cared about are gone.   It kind of makes you feel like you wasted a lot of time caring about those other characters.

Wolverine is a drunk old chauffeur who ends up with the task of driving a young mutant to some place where she will be safe while being pursued by some shady military types.   The first 30 minutes of the movie nothing happens.  I was already losing interest at this point.  Then finally we get a good action-packed chase scene away from where they were hiding.  I thought okay maybe this movie was just off to a slow start, unfortunately I was wrong. 

 The film was  needlessly ultra -violent and filled with curse words flying left and right.   I have no problem with cussing-- but when it is coming from characters you have seen in six other movies in which they never cursed it feels out of place and strange.  The violence was that out of a Friday the 13th Slasher flick 

The movie just becomes a fugitive chase film scene of Professor X needing help in a gas station restroom and then the characters making a stupid decision to spend the night at the farm of a family that helped them.   They needlessly put this family at risk (and the whole family gets killed along with Professor X).  Wolverine battles a clone of himself called X-24 ---(I thought Sabretooth was back).     Then we get some more boring traveling stuff.     

Wolverine who spends most of the movie being a grumpy old man (Get off my lawn) of course ends up sacrificing himself at the end for the future mutants.   At the point he sacrificed himself I didn’t really care.  I had already checked out mentally and checked my watch at least 6 times to see how much longer the film was at that point.   In my opinion this was a disappointing way to end these characters.

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