Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Is the X-Files Return a Good Thing?

The X-Files is going to be returning to FOX for 6 Episodes.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will be returning to their iconic roles.....but I ask is this a good thing?

When X-Files was in prime it was by far one the best shows on TV.  On any given week and episode of the X-Files was likely to be better than any horror movie or thriller in the theaters.  The show which focused on Mulder's search for the truth and willingness to believe in anything being possible was the heart of the show.  Gillian's character Scully was counterpoint to Mulder and the voice of reason.   The show was excellent whether it was a stand alone mystery or the convoluted mythology of the show that kept us tuning in each week in hopes of finding out what really happened to Mudler's sister or if the Smoking Man was Mulder's real dad.   Unfortunately the show stayed on the air far too long and even tried to keep going after David Duchovny left, which was a huge mistake.  Trying to carry on without Mulder was a terrible idea and it became apparent the mysterious Mythology that we tuned into each week had no end game and was just all tease and not payoff.  The finale episode the brought back Mulder was weak at best.    

When they announced it was coming back this week --I was at first excited.....but then started thinking.   It was going to be just 6 stand alone episodes and Chris Carter who ran the show into the ground would be at the helm again.....Hmmm?  When they made a second X-Files movie without digging into the shows mythology it was kind of a let down.  It wasn't even worthy of a 2 episode story arc back in the shows prime.   So can it actually be good again all these years later????  I'm not sure.  I know I will tune in to see what happens ---but I'm not as optimistic as I would have been say 10 years ago.    

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