Monday, April 20, 2020

Angie Tribecca Season 1 on Hulu (Good Lockdown Binge Watch)

I was looking for an easy binge-watch on Hulu and stumbled across Angie Tribecca.   Created by Steve Carell and his wife Nancy of The Office fame,  Angie Tribecca stars Rashida Jones also of The Office and Parks and Recreation fame.

Everything in the world is so serious and scary right now as we shelter at home to deal with this virus situation.   So Angie Tribecca was a perfect little diversion.  If you need something silly and stupid to make you laugh this is a great easy binge-watch.  4 seasons of 10 half-hour episodes Angie Tribecca is a TV show that is a throwback to the once popular genre of Airplane style spoofs.  
To be completely honest it is basically a reboot of the short-lived Police Squad tv show that spawned the Naked Gun movies and a bunch of Airplane style films.   The best films in this genre were Airplane and Naked Gun,  many lesser rip-offs pretty much killed the genre off as a viable film genre.   The spirit of that original Police Squad show is alive and well in this Police spoof.   Season 1 was a fun quick watch that may serve as a good diversion from what is happening right now in the real world.   If you like this show --search out the original Police Squad as well.

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