Friday, December 6, 2019

Time Freak 2018 7 out of 10 (Time Travel Movie # 15)

Time Freak  2018   7 out of 10 (Time Travel Movie # 15) 

Time Freak was a fun Time Travel comedy/drama about a physics student who is dumped by his girlfriend.  He is devastated by the breakup and channels his frustration into building a time machine. He and his stoner best friend travel back to key points in his relationship trying to fix the things that went wrong. This time travel machine basically works as a phone app where they jump into their bodies in those moments in the past.  He can basically rewind moments and try them over again.  This app leads to some good comic moments for example as he keeps reliving a really good moment his friend is stuck in an elevator and going insane. He is finally able to successfully fix things to where they don’t break up, but he becomes obsessed with using the machine to basically fix even the slightest of things to create the perfect life, which ironically is too perfect and flawed by its lack of conflict.  He finds out his friend has been secretly using the machine as well to fix his life.  We fast forward two years and now he is married and we see a dinner party where she burns the meal.  He uses the time machine to set a timer so it doesn't burn.  He finally comes to the realization that he is basically playing god and has basically been unfairly manipulating his wife into a what amounts to a prison of a relationship he has created.  His use of the time machine is basically equivalent to a drug addiction. 

 Despite being a comedy – when you really think about what he is doing it is really a dark film, which is why for me it should have ended differently.  The film should have ended differently.  If it had ended the way it should of it probably would have been an 8 out of 10 instead of a 7 out of 10.  Who wouldn’t want the chance to fix things in their life that have gone wrong?  To correct bad decisions or moments and avoid pain.  I really like how this movie made me think about things.  That is probably one of the reasons Time Travel films interest me so much.

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