Saturday, August 17, 2019

Spook Chasers 1957 6 out of 10 (The Bowery Boys #2)

Spook Chasers 1957   6 out of 10

This film was the 45th out of  48 films featuring these characters. The Bowery Boys.  By this time in the series one of the main characters Leo Gorcey had left the franchise which puts Huntz Hall as Sach front and center.

Spook Chasers finds the gang helping cafe owner Mike Clancy fix up a mountain house (that used to belong to a gangster) that he just bought from a crooked real estate agent.  The gang finds some money hidden in the run down house and then must contend with some gangsters and the  shady real estate agent.  They basically find themselves in Scooby Doo episode where the real estate agent dresses up as a ghost to scare them away.  The house has trick doors and secret revolving doors which leads to fun and some good slapstick moments.  45 films in the gags of this troupe are pretty refined.  I like this film better than the Spook Busters which the group did over 10 years earlier.

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