Sunday, February 3, 2019

Frenzy 2018 3 out of 10

Frenzy 2018  3 out of 10

The single best thing about this movie it the poster.  The movie is basically a cheap version of The Shallows (which I didn't enjoy).   A couple of sisters that are a part of some Adventure You Tube show end up in a plane crash into the ocean with their crew.  The crew end up shark bait and the movie is basically the one sister on a raft after the crash watching her friends get killed by sharks.   The movie uses flashbacks between the boring raft scenes to give the characters some semblance of character development, but this tactic just becomes annoying.    About half-way through the film everyone is dead when the one sister makes it to a tiny little island the looks like a mushroom.   Magically her injured sister washes up and they spend the last 40 minutes on a wooden platform under the mushroom island.  

They flag down a boat that unfortunately the people fall off of into the water with the sharks.    Then they pull some Ewok village trick to lure one of the sharks to death with a well timed boulder on a rope which leaves two  sharks vs two sisters in a not so epic showdown.     The shark effects were actually decent --the story was just dull.  I actually almost gave up on this film around the 1 hour mark--but toughed it out to a decent ending that partially redeeemed the boring film.

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