Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Deadpool 2 2018 9 out of 10

Deadpool 2  2018 9 out of 10

I enjoyed the first Deadpool movie, but felt it was a little bit over hyped.  Deadpool 2 on the other hand lived up to the hype.  Ryan Reynolds is tailor made to play this 4th wall breaking smart ass character.   It was such a waste the first time the character was miss used in the one Wolverine movie he appeared in.

The movie starts out with a great montage of Deadpool in some great brutal action sequences where he takes out a bunch of bad guys to the 9 to 5 theme song by Dolly Parton.   Then surprisingly the love of his life is taken from him and he tries to kill himself.  He ends up being helped out by his X-Men friends from the first film and gets involved in an X-Men assignment that goes terribly wrong. He takes matters into his own hands and lands himself in jail with the Mutant kid who they were sent to stop.   A solider from the future named Cable (played by Josh Brolin) shows up and tries to kills the kid and Deadpool gets involved.

The movie had some great sequences. The action pieces in the movie were well choreographed throughout the film. The section of the movie where Deadpool auditions people to create his own group of super-heroes called X-Force and then ill-advisedly takes them on a mission to rescue the kid was amazing.  Let's just say things don't go so great with this mission.  Peter (the guy with the mustache) was great shines.

One of the best scenes was in the in the end credits when Deadpool uses Cable's time travel device to fix somethings.  One of the things he fixed was a great reference to Wolervine movie that originally featured Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (without the wisecracks), in which the real Deadpool kills that version off.   

The plot of the movie was simple and just okay,  but the wise cracking antics of Deadpool makes up for the plot issues and delivers a fun comic book ride.

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